Global Service

Our maintenance programmes

  • Global service
  • Full Service
  • Full Risk
  • Programmed maintenance
  • Extraordinary corrective (or redevelopment) maintenance
  • Telemanagement
  • Investment financing

The Global Service contract

The Global Service contract plans all the mainte - nance and management services in an integrated way in order to guarantee the efficiency of the installations and the best possible economic management. Through the contract the Client assigns us all the services it wishes to external - ise, with terms and means established according to specific needs.

Programmed maintenance service

We make a complete service and dedicated technical contact available for our clients for the correct conduct and maintenance of the in - stallations. The programmed maintenance activities include:

  • ordinary maintenance activities according to the specific rhythms of the installations
  • fine-tuning activities, calibration and certification
  • technical cleaning for correct functioning
  • checking and measuring actions provided for by the law or established by good practice and by any client regulations
  • specialised workforce for providing installation service
  • supply of consumption materials and parts subject to wear and tear

Extraordinary corrective maintenance

Based on the structure and the needs of the cli - ent, certain extraordinary maintenance interven - tions may be necessary in order to redevelop the installation. These interventions aim to maximise managerial and energetic economies.

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  • CPL2

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