Whirlpool EMEA

Whirlpool EMEA

Allocation of work in designated areas, precise definition of the type of machining programs, continued coordination of activities and verification of the advances are just some of the tools we use to manage the complexity of the work.

Execution of New EMEA Center for Spare Parts and Accessories

In its plant in Carinaro, Whirlpool EMEA has created its New EMEA Center for Spare Parts and Accessories: a hub for sorting parts and accessories throughout all of EMEA for the group’s products.
The New Center will be used to sort spare parts and accessories for the Indesit Group and for Whirplool in all of Italy. Ing.Ferrari SpA created this new building complex facing many criticalities caused by restrictions in time and in space.
The greatest difficulty was the very restricted work schedule (completion of 95% of the work in about 100 days). Having to organize the works in space rather than in time, led to the contemporaneity of many activities and consequent interferences handled through special work plans. To achieve the objective, it was necessary to precisely plan the task sequences like clockwork.

Main criticalities:

  • Work schedule
  • Contemporaneity and rapid consequentiality in activities
  • Great number of personnel present in the operational areas
  • High work interferences

Works executed:
decommission of existing plants and demolition of metal structures and current toilet facilities in the structure, installation of industrial paving, construction of false ceiling in sheet metal, replacing roof windows, creating construction works and plant design for new staff changing rooms, showers and new toilets, installation of new electrical system for fire and motion detection, installation of sprinkler fire system and fire hydrants servicing the plant.

  • Sqm of intervention: 48,960
  • Works began: June 2016
  • Completion of works: 1st scheduled consignment October 2016 (95%)
    Overall completion: December 2016
  • Subcontractors managed: 22
  • Average and maximum workforce on construction 120 and 180