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MO.DA Gioielli - Twin Set Simona Barbieri
Twin Set New Headquarter

In 2015, Twin Set Simona Barbieri - a fashion industry brand based in Carpi, with retail outlets around the world - decided to renew its headquarters, which dated back to the 1970s, transforming it into a prestigious, functional, and efficient building, and one that was also aesthetically beautiful, with a strong visual impact.
The intervention carried out by Ing.Ferrari SpA included civil works for the production area and the new office building, with high quality fixtures, seismic structural improvement, and energy efficiency at the highest levels.

Works executed

  • Structural works and seismic improvement
  • Roofing
  • Partitions and false ceilings
  • Indoor pavement
  • Interior fixtures
  • Intumescent coatings and paint
  • Metalworking
  • Exterior facades
  • Outdoor maintenance and installation works

Square meters of intervention
Indoor surface area of intervention: 16,080 sqm, of which:

  • 2,205 sqm of showrooms and runway rooms
  • 2,552 sqm of style-design offices
  • 3,631 sqm of offices and meeting rooms
  • 414 sqm of technical rooms and technological stations
  • 808 sqm of historical archives
  • 327 sqm of gym
  • 642 sqm of lunchroom
  • 1,899 sqm of warehouse and storage
  • 3,602 sqm of entrance hall, connections, terraces and porticoes

Outdoor works and urbanization: 9,277 sqm

Work period

  • Works began: September 2015
  • Works finished: September 2016

Number of workers

  • Overall subcontractors managed: 44
  • Average and maximum workforce on construction site: 80 and 110