Philip Morris

Philip Morris

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Manufacturing & Technology Bologna
Construction of New Training Center

Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology Bologna S.p.A. - a subsidiary of the Philip Morris International Group, based in Bologna - is a center par excellence and recognized on a worldwide level as the innovator of technologies for the production processes of complex filters for cigarettes. Ing.Ferrari SpA built Philip Morris's new "Training Center" in less than a year, alongside its existing plant in Zola Predosa, the PMI Group's first pilot plant worldwide for developing production processes and training personnel for new generation products with a reduced risk potential. The works executed in the Training Center in Zola Predosa are now in the production phase in the new plant in Crespellano.

Works executed:

demolition finishing, excavation, disposal, construction finishing works (roofing, insulation, flooring, resin floors, paneling, masonry and plasterboard walls, plaster, false ceilings, fixtures, REI compartmentalization, etc.), execution of a reticular metal structure as support for technological systems, outdoor maintenance and installation works (underground utilities and sewers, fills, outdoor asphalt paving and interlocking paving blocks, landscaping, fencing and gates, etc.), execution of mechanical, electrical and special systems servicing the building.

  • Works began: March 2013
  • Works finished: March 2014
  • Subcontractors managed: 10
  • Average workforce 45, maximum workforce 93