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Construction of Quality Control Building

Holostem Terapie Avanzate Ltd, part of the Chiesi Farmaceutici group, is the first Italian biotechnology company entirely dedicated to the development, production, registration, and distribution of products for advanced therapies, based on epithelial stem cell cultures for cell and gene therapy. Ing.Ferrari SpA constructed the Quality Control Building for Holostem, built alongside the Centre for Regenerative Medicine (Centro di Medicina Rigenerativa - CMR), as an extension to the main building and site for the analysis classified laboratories. On the ground floor of the building is the Quality Control area, made up of the staff offices and the premises allocated for the Quality Control laboratories, once authorization was received by the regulatory institution, AIFA, and the microbiological acceptance testing of raw materials, intermediary processing analysis, and finished product analysis were carried out. A second office area is located on the first floor, mainly dedicated to Quality Assurance personnel, along with a room used for meetings. The building was designed and constructed using prefabricated technology, in full compliance with the architectural context of the Center and the characteristics of the best technical construction standards known. Prefabricated modules covered with Laminam ceramics in large slabs were used in construction. These slabs can be completely removed, a characteristic that was requested by the client.

Works executed:

building yard preparation, excavations, foundations, demolition, installation of prefabricated modules, internal partitions in plasterboard, iron structure, external panels in Laminam ceramics, flooring, fixtures, technological systems, urban furnishings and landscaping.

  • Sqm of construction: 160
  • Works began: December 2014
  • Works finished: May 2015
  • Subcontractors managed: 5
  • Average workforce 8, maximum workforce 14