Gambro Dasco - Gruppo Baxter Building 2

Gambro Dasco - Gruppo Baxter Building 2

The high construction standards are the basis of our success: design, build and riqualifichiamo industrial spaces.

Construction of Building 2, R&D Biomedical Center and Labs

Gambro Dasco S.p.A. is a company that manufactures medical technologies worldwide and is a leader in the development, realization, and supply of products and treatments for kidney and liver dialysis, along with other extracorporeal therapies. Since 2014, it has been part of the Baxter Group, a US multinational that is active in over 100 countries worldwide. Ing.Ferrari SpA has constructed the civil works and technological systems of Building 2 within the framework of the reconstruction of the production site required after the May 2012 earthquake.

The construction works performed by Ing.Ferrari SpA have allowed for improving the structure from both an aesthetic point-of-view and also a functional one, improving comfort through new systems within the areas used by personnel on duty. The laboratories have been adapted to corporate technological standards and to current regulations in force. The upgraded facilities, now connected to the new technological center, have allowed for a reduction in consumption and an optimization from the perspective of the Building’s energy needs. Ing.Ferrari SpA. created the Blood Line department at Gambro Baxter: a 4,000 sqm clean room with highly specialized equipment. Thanks to the high construction standards implemented, Baxter decided to use this as a reference for the construction of subsequent clean rooms in its plants located throughout the world.

Works executed:

demolition, masonry, adequate seismic adaptation of the structure, waterproofing, plasterboard walls, floors in ceramic and PVC, window walls, fixtures, PVC coatings.

  • Sqm of construction:1,700
  • Works began: October 2015
  • Works finished: January 2016
  • Subcontractors managed: 10
  • Average workforce 15, maximum workforce 25