Azienda Ospedaliera Policlinico di Modena

Azienda Ospedaliera Policlinico di Modena

For several years, we have been involved in work within the Modena Universitary Hospital Group. We have built numerous, complex installations in the structure over the years:

Trigeneration central station producing electricity and heated and chilled water for the hospital.

Year: 2011.

Pneumology department installation updating.

Year: 2011.

Nine-year maintenance mechanical installations.

Years: 2010/2019.

Pharmacy department, mechanical and electrical installations with steam thermal substation.

Year: 2008.

Medicine and surgery wards 4th floor, technological installations.

Year: 2008.

Four-year maintenance for thermal, climate control and water installations.

Years: 2005/2008.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, technological installations.

Year: 2003.

Magnetic resonance department 3 Tesla + 1.5 Tesla (700 m2 ), FM distribution electrical and lighting installations, special installations.

Year: 2003. 2nd lot

New Technological Block, with construction of 9 operating rooms and mechanical and electrical installations.

Year: 2003.

Pediatrics department, technological and medical gas installations.

Year: 2002.

Digital angiography department, mechanical and electrical installations.

Year: 2001.

New sterilization department, New technological block, construction of sterile steam production central station, mechanical and electrical installations, fire installation, steam distribution, reverse osmosis purified water and compressed sterile air.

Year: 2000.

“Angela Serra” Oncological Centre, climate control installations, heating, plumbing, laboratories, teaching areas and inpatient areas.

Year: 1999.

1st lot New Technological Block, construction of 6 operating rooms and a post-operation intensive care unit and two rooms for liver and multivisceral transplants.

Year: 1996.

Dialysis and nephrology department, mechanical and electrical installations with water treatment and steam sanitization installation for a dialysis circuit with 58 kidneys.

Year: 1994.

types of installations realized