Customer care, quality and safety

Ing.Ferrari S.p.A. is ISO 9001:2008 quality certified. This standard guarantees the constant control of the production process and establishes its strong and weak points in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency over time. 

Our certifications represent our philosophy and modus operandi which aims for continuous improvement. Our objective is the client’s maximum satisfaction.

That’s why the quality system is an integral part of every company activity. Every collaborator respects this principle with the objective of reaching excellence. We propose ourselves as the ideal partner, able to share client objectives tangibly and reliably, guaranteeing:

  • the health and wellbeing of people
  • the safety of the people that work for us and with us
  • the protection of the environment
  • ethics in terms of the company’s behaviour.

SAFETY ISO 18001:2007 People safety is an aspect that no company should neglect. Ing.Ferrari knows this. Adopting a company OHSAS system is not a legal requirement, but a voluntary choice of those responsible for guaranteeing people safety. Adopting the OHSAS safety system allows for keeping requirements under control and reducing the number of accidents, in terms of both their frequency and their severity, with a view to continuous improvement.

Ing.Ferrari was the first Italian company in the industry to achieve OHSAS certification in 2009. We have currently initiated a project for the respect of the GMP standard in the pharmaceutical field. The GMP are a series of rules which describe the methods, equipment, means and management of production in order to guarantee the appropriate quality standards.