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Ing.Ferrari General Contracting Unit
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In a highly competitive market like the current one, it is necessary to continuously improve on skills and performance, in order to ensure the satisfaction of clients.

In recent years, the Industrial Sector, towards which we have always directed our plant design activities and services, has requested that we handle buildings in all their complexity, considering them single, complex bodies, made up of external and internal components, which interact with each other.

In fact, an integrated "turnkey" service is requested of us more often, and we are entrusted with the overall responsibility in the planning of all the stages needed to give life to the works required. The refunctionalization of existing spaces in constructions, as well as redevelopment, installations and, often, even the creation of new building projects, have become an important part of our core business.

The experience gained, along with the trend that sees an increasing need to entrust the complexity of the works to a project manager, led us to define a new corporate unit dedicated toward offering this integrated and comprehensive service, which ranges from engineering and architectural working plan, to the attention given to detail for the most complex requirements: the General Contracting Unit.

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The creation of an industrial architectural project requires the availability of an articulated technical team comprised of experts and professional expertise in architecture, engineering, and plant design.

Our General Contractor is the link that brings together the entire technical team with the client’s architect, who shares the specific objectives and demands.

The General Contractor relieves the client from all possible worries, supporting the technical team in the working plan of structural works and the plant design, ensuring the best performance in the overall project of the building and of its functionality.

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